About this online edition

Current status of this website

This website and the database it uses is still in active development. This applies in particular to the search function, the completeness of internal links between the dictionary entries, and links to external sources in the entries.


All dictionary entries on this website are available under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND license.

Differences compared with the printed edition

A large number of manual corrections have been integrated in this online edition. This includes correcting errata and harmonising abbreviations that were not used consistently in the various volumes. On the article page you can switch between both representations. The underlying TEI files contain both versions of the text.
Please note that the volumes provided here will continue to be edited so that the specific presentation and contained annotations may change over time.

This portal supports searching on the lemma list and on the full text index via the input field above. When searching for a lemma, both search queries and dictionary texts are mapped to Latin letters without accents (or diacritics) in order to provide the most complete results possible and to enable searching on non-standardized characters (see also the following hints about the used font). The dictionary entries and the downloads use the correct representation with all diacritics.
The search function is still in active development. We apologize for any inconveniences.


Our data contains characters that are not part of the Unicode standard and are therefore encoded via a so-called Unicode private use area. To display them correctly, the KompLett font of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities is required which is already integrated in this portal and also embedded in the PDF downloads.